About me

Voici ma blogue. Je vais ecrire a propos de  beaucoup de differentes choses. J’ai neuf ans. Je m’appelle Ben. Je suis en cinquieme annee. J’aime le hockey et le baseball, le soccer aussi. I ly a les differents sports comme du volleyball, basketball, tennis, et dodgeball que j’aime. Notre ecole est grande: il y a plus de 500 personnes!

4 Responses to “About me”
  1. Christa Wickens says:

    Hi Buddy,

    I am still checking and hoping to see something in your blog soon.


  2. Emily C. Isabelle Ashley S. says:

    Ben we all would like to see your mission statement!

    Isabelle Emily and Ashley

  3. LaChandra Lett says:

    It is great that you are beginning to blog at an early age. It is also great that your are interested in sports. I love baseball too!! Who is your favorite team?

    LaChandra Lett
    University of South Alabama
    Dr. Strange’s EDM310 Class

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